B&G Marine Services, as the BVI dealer for Kanberra products, has joined the 2021 KPMG Tortola Torture as the “sanitizing and freshness” sponsor.  

Kanberra produces a range of products that use Pure Australian Tea Tea Oil, which has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, as its core ingredient.

Kanberra’s products provide airborne odour elimination, mould control, cleaning and sanitisation, skincare and laundrycare, both ashore and afloat.

B&G will be providing Chafe Paint and Car Air Fresheners in each goody bag, and hand sanitizers at the start and finish lines, and all water stops.

“I’ve used Kanberra products all my working life in the marine industry,” said Todd Patterson, managing director of B&G Marine. “I swear by them. For mould control, odour control, cleaning, and improving interior air quality there’s nothing as good or as natural. I’m excited to bring these safer, better products to the BVI.”

For more information, and to buy Kanberra products in the BVI.