Tortola Torture Triple

Three fun feeder races to help with your training progress!

Free entry for 2024 Tortola Torture competitors; or $20 per race, $50 for all three.

KPMG west end wobbler

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2024

Start time: 7:00am

Starts near the Bomba Shack ruins (Little Apple Bay), over Zion Hill, around Steele Point and Smuggler's Cove, through Carrot Bay, up Windy Hill to Sage Mountain, back to Little Apple Bay.

21.7km (13.48 mile) with 3,220m (10,600 feet) of elevation change.

teneo prison break


Start time: 3:30pm

Starting and finishing at Jeremy's Kitchen, Trellis Bay, head west to East End Police Station, up to Josiah's Bay junction, hang right and run the the last part of the Torture course including the much-loved Little Mountain Loop.

15.79km (9.81 mile) jaunt with 1,040m (3.400 feet) of elevation change.

mourant ring of fire


Start time: 7:00am

Starting and finishing at Nicole's in Brewer's Bay. Climb out east end of Brewer's Bay, up to Sage Mountain car park, and back down to Brewer's on the western side.

A short 12.53km (7.78 mile) jaunt with 1,460m (4,760 feet) of elevation change.

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Times Tumble In 2024 KPMG West End Wobbler

March 25, 2024

The 2024 KPMG West End Wobbler saw last year’s times shattered in the men’s and women’s categories. Vicki Francis, finishing in 2:18:31, stripped 12 minutes and 32 seconds off Sarah Latham’s winning time of 2:31:03 last year, and demolished her own finish time last year by 24 minute and 45 seconds. Newcomer James Barker exploded onto the BVI hill running scene catching runners and organisers by surprise and finishing the race in 1:49:53, taking 10 minutes and 28 seconds off Julius Farley’s winning time last year.

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JJ Ricketts Tops 2024 Teneo Prison Break

February 26, 2024

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts dominated the Teneo Prison Break leading from the start and never looking back. He completed the 9.81 mile race with 3,400 feet of elevation change in 1 hour, 14 minutes and 53 seconds. He took 5 minutes and 22 seconds off his 2023 finish time, and beat Julius Farley’s winning time last year by 38 seconds.

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Mourant Ring Of Fire Ends In Photo Finish

January 29, 2024

The Mourant Ring Of Fire on Sunday ended with a photo finish as Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts and Sam Thompson sprinted downhill to the finish in Brewer’s Bay; JJ won the race by a hair. They completed the race 7.78 mile to Sage Mountain and back in 1:09:17. Michael Killourhy was third in 1:11:24. Sam and…

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Julius Farley Takes KPMG West End Wobbler For Clean Sweep In Tortola Torture Triple.

March 14, 2023

Julius Farley (2:00:21.4) won the KPMG West End Wobbler on March 5, to make it a clean sweep for the three-race Tortola Torture Triple. Julius made easy work of the 13.48 mile race. With 10,600 feet of elevation change the course took runners from Little Apple Bay around Steele Point and up to Sage Mountain and back.

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