The Tortola Torture is open to individuals, 2-person, and 3-person relay teams. It’s a 33.74 mile (54km) ultramarathon that circumnavigates Tortola with only 22% on the flat and the rest on hot and humid hills with 12,000 feet of elevation change. The steepest gradient is 33.33%. It has 6,587 feet of climbing over 12.8 miles, and 13.1 miles of descent. There is only 7.5 miles of flat running for the entire course.

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Taylor Simoneaux

Post-race interview with Taylor Simoneaux

Taylor discusses his expectations for this bucket list race, how he trained, his race strategy including fuelling, his highs and lows…


Simoneaux from NOLO takes 2024 Tortola Torture

Taylor Simoneaux from New Orleans, Louisiana, won the 9th edition of the Tortola Torture on Saturday, April 20, 2024. He completed the 33.74-mile (54km) course in an impressive time of 4 hours 56 minutes and 54 seconds. Sarah Latham was third overall and won the women’s division in 6:34:29. Sean Reardon-John, in his first Tortola…


Times Tumble In 2024 KPMG West End Wobbler

The 2024 KPMG West End Wobbler saw last year’s times shattered in the men’s and women’s categories. Vicki Francis, finishing in 2:18:31, stripped 12 minutes and 32 seconds off Sarah Latham’s winning time of 2:31:03 last year, and demolished her own finish time last year by 24 minute and 45 seconds. Newcomer James Barker exploded onto the BVI hill running scene catching runners and organisers by surprise and finishing the race in 1:49:53, taking 10 minutes and 28 seconds off Julius Farley’s winning time last year.

Say What?

Say What?


Dropping out of the race a couple years ago has been burning a small hole in me since it happened.  I put in the miles and felt like I was trained finally and was able to come back and compete.  I had no real goal, I just planned to go out and walk the ups and run everything else, winning turned out to be a bonus. I really love coming out and making a little vacation out of the race. Richard and everyone does such a great job organizing and making everyone appreciate the achievement of finishing this thing. Huge props to everyone, I look forward to coming back.

TJ Hindes

2019 Winner


What a great day! From the breezes and sunrise in the early morning, to the friendly and helpful aid stations, to the fun finish line party. What a great event that I’ll definitely be back for! I mean, there were moments of pure torture, but the views made it all worth it!

Thanks for a great day! Really fun!

Allison Janusziewicz

2019 Ladies Winner


A screaming hot adventure through the winding roads of Tortola Island. The steep ascents and descents combined with the beautiful blue water views will leave you breathless. This is a bucket list race that will be one you will remember for the rest of your life!

Avery Collins

2018 Winner & New Record Holder


If you consider yourself a runner of any distance from 5k to ultra this race needs to be on your radar for next year.  Vacation in Tortola, go on a once in a lifetime run around the island, then spend the rest of the day celebrating at the finish line. A destination race that can’t be topped.

Sabrina Stanley

2018 Ladies Winner


After that easy 10, the race begins a series of relentless, incredibly steep, and constant series of climbs and descents, that systemically squash your soul. And, this goes on until the very last mile.

Christian Griffith



It was probably the best organised race that I have ever ran anywhere in the world.

Ishwar Persad