Thirty runners took part in the inaugural Ring Of Fire presented by KPMG on Saturday December 19.

The race started and finished in Cane Garden Bay and was an 11.65-mile reverse loop race with 3,546 feet of climbing and 3,546 of descending. Only 12% (1.39 miles) of the race was on the flat. The racers ascended to 1,368 feet twice. The first lap was a clock-wise loop of Cane Garden Bay and the Ridge Road; the second lap was an anti-clockwise loop of the same course after turning at Elm Beach Bar.


Eleven runners completed the full two-loop Ring Of Fire while the 19 others chose the single loop race.

Timothy “TJ” Hindes, visiting from St Thomas, completed in grueling race two-loop full Ring Of Fire in 1 hour, 44 minutes and 55 seconds. He had a game of cat and mouse race with Reuben Stoby from Virgin Gorda.

Timothy "TJ" Hindes - winner of the first Ring Of Fire

Timothy “TJ” Hindes – winner of the first Ring Of Fire

Stoby, stronger than Hindes on the downhills, was first to the half way point at sea level after a long descent down Windy Hill, but Hindes was able to catch, and overtake, at the beginning of the second lap. He had to build this lead as he “didn’t want him Stoby to catch me on the downhills”.

Reuben Stoby, second place

Reuben Stoby, second place

Stoby finished six and a half minutes behind Hindes in the end.

“I like the parts you have to walk, that’s more my style. I feel like I have better chance of winning if there’s hills in it,” said Hindes. Although he did confide that of all the races he has done so far, this is the first one in which he has worried about losing his toenails.

Rod dos Santos was third, 8 minutes and 40 seconds behind Stoby.

Jenny McIvor was the first of the three ladies who competed the full course with time of 2 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds. Kerry dos Santos was second and Tash Ruscheinski was third.

In the one-lap 5.83-mile race, visiting sailor Judah Brownstein, mopped up all the local contenders with a time of 58 minutes and 25 seconds. Rosmunde Johnson finished just over two minutes behind him. Adam Holdt was third.

Judah Brownstein, winner of the single lap race

Judah Brownstein, winner of the single lap race

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Judah Brownstein58:25:00
Rosmund Johnson1:00:29:63
Adam Holdt1:02:47:63
Russell Crumpler1:03:50:09
Shane Donovan1:04:49:78
Judy Haycraft1:07:19:51
Johnny Bailey1:13:35:78
Jessica Santos1:13:53:32
Philomena Robertson1:15:39:98
Bill Kinkead1:23:47:97
Andrew Willins1:26:45:40
Tia Beckmann1:28:16:08
Emma Bailey1:35:25:93
Sarah Butler1:35:28:78
Lisa Bridson1:35:28:78
Clair Burke1:52:06:32
Tamsin Rand1:52:06:32*
Richard Parchment1.53.33.49
*completed half a lap, starting with Clair Burke
Timothy TJ Hindes1:44:55:68
Reuben Stoby1:51:25:68
Rod dos Santos2:00:15:32
Jacques Roux2:01:21:09
Simon Cook2:08:31:53
Jenny McIvor2:17:10:48
Richard Morgan2:26:19:59
Kerry dos Santos2:31:06:24
Adam and Luca-Leonel D'Monte2:49:17:92
Tash Ruscheinski2:54:39:65
Aurelie Legangneux3:10:57:76
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