Report by Kay Reddy, results by GuyP Dubois

BVI runners were out in force at the 8 Tuff Miles event in St John this past weekend.

Newcomer Vincent Fournier came  12th out of 519 men and third in his age group recording a sub-hour time of 58:31.   Katrina Crumpler rocked it, placing 4th out of 637 women and third place in her age group with a time of  1:06:30.  Rodrigo Dos Santos also made the podium in a blazing time (1:03:08) and 28th in the competitive men’s field.  Alan Cundall also secured a 60th place in the top 100.   Kim Takeuchi made the top 10 ladies and frustratingly finished 101th place overall missing the top 100 field by a second. Martin Trott finished in 102nd place.

Vincent Fournier (right)/Photo courtesy of Dean Greenaway/BVI Mile Split

Vincent Fournier (far right)/Photo courtesy of Dean Greenaway/BVI Mile Split

William “bill” Kinkead received a standing ovation at the start, at 77 years young the oldest competitor.  Bill would have been first in his age group but for 2 youngsters of 71 in the competitive 70-199 category.

The youngest BVI runner was Aman Bispham, at 9 years old that’s a huge achievement and inspiration to our youth to run for the scholarship prizes.

Dan Mitchell ran a great race but was narrowly beaten by Guyp, Adrian and Martin, Kim and Katrina.   Anna Kinkead missed the podium by seconds and Julien Johnson decided to make it a family event thrusting the pushchair up a total elevation gain of 1500 ft.

Many of these BVI runners have already registered for the 2016 Torture.

Rodrigo Dos Santos

Rodrigo Dos Santos

The 8.38 mile race begins on the west end of the island of St. John, Virgin Islands and travels in an east direction. The starting line is located at the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay at an elevation of about 5 feet and the highest point on the course is 999 feet.  The finish line is back to near sea level in Coral Bay.  However, multiply this by four and you have the Tortola Torture

8 Tuff miles final results for BVI finishers

OverallCategoryTime NameAgeSex
13M252958:31:006:59Vincent Fournier28M
28M30341:03:087:32Rodrigo Dos Santos34M
52F35391:06:307:57Katrina Crumpler36F
60M35391:07:518:06Alan Cundall35M
101F35391:12:448:41Kim Takeuchi38F
102M40441:12:558:43Martin Trott41M
107M35391:13:218:46Guy-Paul Dubois37M
123M55591:14:368:55Adrian Dale57M
146M30341:16:239:07Daniel Mitchell32M
163M50541:17:169:14Chris Smith50M
184F40441:19:039:26Ni Made Oniasih43F
192F35391:19:299:29Juliane Potgieter36F
202F50541:20:199:35Kay Reddy54F
215F30341:21:129:42Natasha Ruscheinski30F
222F45491:21:469:46Anna Kinkead48F
277M45491:25:0510:10Chris Potgieter45M
334F35391:27:3210:27Kerry-Ann Dos Santos36F
337F40441:27:5210:30Philomena Robertson42F
368F40441:29:5310:44Rhiannon Jones41F
377M40441:30:3310:49David Starman40M
444M70991:34:5311:20William Kinkead77M
496F30341:37:4211:40Tiffanie Houston31F
501F30341:37:4811:41Liezl Van Der Schyf32F
540F30341:40:0911:58Aurelie Legangneux33F
550F40441:40:4412:02Barbara Pinnock41F
628F50541:45:1412:34Julua Ryan50F
635M40441:45:5312:39Henry Creque41M
671F40441:47:4012:51Vanessa King41F
678M35391:47:5212:53Julien Johnson37M
683M40441:48:1712:56Marvin Flax40M
786F35391:56:0013:51Claudia Ferrari39F
791M60641:56:3313:55Brian Edmund61M
813F35391:58:2014:08Adenike Flax39F
970F45492:13:5816:00Sally Ann Riley45F
971F01122:13:5816:00Aman Bispham9F
1026F60642:21:5616:57Miu Sang Linda Li62F
1028F50542:22:1216:59Sophie Bennett54F

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