Congratulations to the 28 potential Torturers that took part in yesterday’s (January 26, 2019) Ring Of Fire which started and finished at Brewer’s Bay bridge on a reasonably hot afternoon! 4.72 miles, 1500 feet up, 1500 feet down.

Neil Riley topped the men with a swift 37 minutes and 19 seconds. Julius Farley was second (+05:39), and Phil Nelson was third (+06:08).   Rose Johnson was the first lady home in 49 minutes and 39 seconds, followed by Kay Reddy (+17:36), and Tase Ruscheinski (+22:37).

Adam and Eyvessa D’Monte won the Buggy category with a time 1:02:26 and 17th place overall!

111Neil RileyMale37:19.3-
235Julius FarleyMale42:58.5+5:39.2
327Phil NelsonMale43:28.0+6:08.7
417Phillipe LeroyMale45:07.4+7:48.1
521Matt NelsonMale46:59.7+9:40.4
618Sergio DantasMale47:32.7+10:13.4
732JJ JohnsonMale49:29.2+12:09.9
834Rose JohnsonFemale49:39.1+12:19.8
920Adrian DaleMale50:20.2+13:00.9
1031Mark HarbosnMale50:22.5+13:03.2
118Dicky HadleyMale51:27.9+14:08.6
1222Stuart BruceMale53:45.6+16:26.3
1314Toni BonzonMale53:58.5+16:39.2
1419Kay ReddyFemale54:55.8+17:36.5
1533Gabriel ObregonFemale57:40.7+20:21.4
1610Tash RuscheinskiFemale59:56.8+22:37.5
1724Adam And Eyvessa D'MonteMale1:02:26.1+25:06.8
1830Dave MathewsMale1:04:33.3+27:14.0
1929Stu CullenMale1:04:57.3+27:38.0
2025Shane DonovanMale1:05:40.3+28:21.0
2115Brandon KartickMale1:08:14.6+30:55.3
2216Sammy SarkardeiFemale1:08:15.2+30:55.9
2313Sarah GrahamFemale1:10:15.3+32:56.0
249Nicole ToppinFemale1:18:34.4+41:15.1
2512Aurelie LegangneuxFemale1:21:14.9+43:55.6
2626Kara MccrackenFemale1:57:45.9+1:20:26.6
2723Tilly BruceFemale1:57:46.1+1:20:26.8
-28Gaelle MaduroFemaleDNF-
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