The race will start at 5am sharp from Tortola Sports Club in the centre of Road Town. Kit check will start at 4.15 am and all racers must have their own kit checked by 4.50 am. During kit check you will be given a map of the course and glow sticks. I would recommend you have a head torch to help you see at the start, but this is not mandatory.

There will be three aid stations at 16km, 25km and 34km. They will be the change over points for the teams as well. There will be a great selection of cakes, fruit , Gatorade and lots of water. There will also be a toilet at each stop. You are welcome to have friends and family meet you at any point along the course to give you food and water if you need it. You may also have a friend join you for part of the course to help pace, but there may only be one pacer at anytime.

There will be first aid people at the half way point to check individual runners are doing OK and if anyone needs help. If you are out on the course and need help or you want to retire, call race HQ and they will send assistance. If it is an emergency call 911.

There is a beach bar, with a DJ, masseuses, free Baileys and Guinness for the runners: making it a full-on beach party! After participants finish their own race they stick around to cheer on runners that are still coming in. Every runner comes in to a slew of cheers, no matter what time they finish the race. The entire event is an experience that every race director should strive to achieve.

Sabrina Stanley, 2018 Ladies winner


1 At least 1 litre of water must be carried by every runner.
2 At least 2 gels and 2 energy bars must be carried by every runner.
3 A mobile phone (switched on) must be carried by each runner.
4 All teams must change runners at their designated check points.
5 All racers must wear some sort of reflective gear at the start of the race when it is dark. (Glow sticks will be handed out at he start)
6 No more than one pacer at anytime and no pacers after Little Mountain.
7 Have as much fun as you can and see you at the finish


West End Aid station (3 person team changeover) – 8.00am
Stoutt’s Lookout Aid Station – 9.30am
Sage Mountain Aid Station (2 person team changeover) – 10.00am
Brewer’s Bay Aid Station – 11.30am
Georges’ North Side Aid Station (3 person team changeover) – 12.30pm
Little Bay Aid Station – 1.00pm
Finish – 2.30pm