Avery Collins Sets New Record In 4TH KPMG Tortola Torture

Avery Collins from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, set a new record in the 4th annual KPMG Tortola Torture, a 34-mile ultramarathon in the British Virgin Islands. With a time of 4 hours, 35 minutes and 47 seconds, Avery took a handsome 9 minutes and 18 seconds off Eric Senseman’s 2016 record-setting time (04:45:05).


APRIL 13, 2019

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    “A screaming hot adventure through the winding roads of Tortola Island. The steep ascents and descents combined with the beautiful blue water views will leave you breathless. This is a bucket list race that will be one you will remember for the rest of your life!”

    Avery Collins
    2018 Winner & New Course Record Holder
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    If you consider yourself a runner of any distance from 5k to ultra this race needs to be on your radar for next year,” she said.  Vacation in Tortola, go on a once in a lifetime run around the island, then spend the rest of the day celebrating at the finish line. A destination race that can’t be topped.

    Sabrina Stanley
    2018 Ladies Individual Winner
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    After that easy 10, the race begins a series of relentless, incredibly steep, and constant series of climbs and descents, that systemically squash your soul. And, this goes on until the very last mile....

    Christian Griffith