Race Briefing & Mandatory Kit

Pasta Party and Race Briefing

The Pasta Party and race briefing will be held on Friday evening at NANNY CAY. Race bags will be available from 5.30pm, with the race briefing at 6 and pasta party from the end of the race briefing until 7.30.

We are introducing electronic timing this year.  Runners will have to be proactive with logging their times at each water stop.  Full details will be provided at the race briefing.

In exchange for your race bag, we will want emergency contact details and the number of the phone you are running with, so please make sure you have those with you.



You will be taken to raceit.com

Race Day

The race will start at 5am on Saturday, from the Tortola Sports Club. 

We have mandatory cut-offs. These cut-offs are for your safety and will be strictly enforced, so if you think you might not make them, please take the midnight start. None of us will like making you get into the sweeper van if you miss a cut-off, but we will be closing the aid stations and it will be too dangerous to leave you out on the course. So, if you miss a cut-off we will insist that you retire.

Cut Off Times

  1. West End Aid station (3 person team changeover) – 8.00am
  2. Stoutt’s Lookout Aid Station – 9.30am
  3. Sage Mountain Aid Station (2 person team changeover) – 10.00am
  4. Brewer’s Bay Aid Station – 11.30am
  5. Georges’ North Side Aid Station (3 person team changeover) – 12.30pm
  6. Little Bay Aid Station – 1.00pm
  7. Finish – 2.30pm

Kit Check

There is a MANDATORY kit check for all Torturers. For those starting at midnight, we will check your kit before you start. For the 5am starters, we will open kit check at 4.15am.

You will NOT be permitted to start unless you have all of the mandatory kit (for teams, we will check the first runner at the start and subsequent runners at their start):

  • One litre of water – there are six water stops on the course. That is NOT enough to keep you hydrated while you run 34 miles up and down hills in the Caribbean heat. We will be giving you two refillable water bottles and there will be 5 gallon containers of water and an electrolyte drink at each aid station. You may also wish to carry your own Camelbak or other refillable system.

    Disposable plastic bottles under 1 gallon will be BANNED in this year’s Torture – we are running around paradise, so please help us to keep it that way. Please fill up your water bottles at each aid station and think about how much water you will need to carry – You MUST have a sensible way to carry your own water out there you will be the one who is unhappy after 20 miles when you’re on a hill with no water and no aid station in sight…
  • Two energy gels and two energy bars or equivalent in calories. Even if you hate energy gels and never use them, stick one in your backpack. If you bonk half way up a hill you may not hate them as much as you think;
  • Reflective gear (for the first runners only, who will be starting in the dark);
  • a mobile phone that is turned on – we will want the number on Friday night. If you are in a team, this should be passed to each runner, so we can call you if we need to.


Personal Safety & Logistics

There will be a bag at the start for car keys etc, and this will be at the first water station for anyone who wants to leave a head torch at that stage. You will all be responsible for labelling/recognising your own kit and we won’t be watching who takes what, so take no responsibility for anything left with us (though in our experience runners are usually a pretty nice bunch).

As we’ve said above, there are only six water stops. Please make sure that you have had a proper think about what food and drink you will need out there and how you are going to get it between aid stations. If you are in teams, it is a great idea for the non-runners to follow around in a support vehicle.  Please make sure that even in these support vehicles, any water is in reusable containers, or containers over 1 gallon.

Medical Support


Details of the on-course medical support will be supplied nearer race day. 

Emergency Contacts

Some contact numbers (and the course description) will be on the back of your race number. If you have a medical issue that is not an emergency, please call one of us. If you have an emergency, please call 911 first (and then call us – we will also come to you, but if it is an emergency, make sure the emergency services are on their way before you worry about calling us). If you know it, we suggest writing your emergency contact number and blood type on the back of your bib, just in case.

You will be running on open roads, so please be cautious of traffic. We strongly recommend that you don’t run with music. If you insist on running with music, please do not use a headphone in the ear closest to traffic. We had one car accident in 2015 (fortunately it involved our medics, not a runner) and we do NOT want a repeat. You have all signed the waiver, so know that this is all at your own risk…

If you have any problems at all, call one of the numbers on the back of your bib. We have some great signage for the course this year, but the course description is on the back of your bibs if you have any concerns.

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